A wooden cottage

“A hidden wooden cottage is much safer than a solid fortress standing in an obvious place on the hill!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

Wonderful memories of my family’s few days in Castlemaine. Happened to pass by this deserted wooden house in the countryside and I had to ask my husband to stop so I can take a photo of it.

photo taken: April 2021

Sketch done: 20 September 2021

My long time friend, Sadia

“We don’t realise we are making memories. We’re just having fun. – OurMindfulLife.com

I met Sadia, a Malaysian- Singaporean friendly lady at my work place years and years ago. I got another job and lost contact with her. Then one day while shopping at Westfield Fountain Gate, I saw here again and from then on, we had catch ups, especially now that we are both retired. We go to the market together, have coffee at cafes, have lunch even in faraway places.

But now with lockdown, this is the best we can do… have coffee and cake at the park bench within 5km from where we live.

Are You OK?

“Life is tough my darling, but so are you.” – Stephanie Bennet Henry

Today is the 14th of September and I had a nice walk in my local area. It was a pleasant sunny day to do some sketching under the shade of some trees in the wetlands.

I tried to find out how Patricia was doing because it was just her second Monday at her new work. And she replied with one word…”Stressed”. So to make her day a little bit brighter, I sent her 2 almond croissants from Laurent in Ivanhoe through Ubereats.

Hope you are OK my daughter ❤️

Happy Birthday Son!

“Someday when the pages of my life end, I know that my son will be one of the most beautiful chapters.” – unknown

My wish for you today… Hope that you’ll always be happy and fulfilled and that God will always keep you safe. I love you my boy ❤️


“You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard.” – Rissell Conwell

I had a busy morning that I didn’t have the time to do my daily walk. I started my day with making the dough for my pork bun. I had to knead it and let it rise and make the filling. Then I had my Zumba Step Zoom class, continued on with steaming my pork buns, then had lunch and did some sketching. Before I realised it was already afternoon. So there went my morning.

Here is my Steamed pork Bun which may not look good but I assure you that it’s yum cause I tasted one. I made 12 of these yummy Filipino pork buns.

It was so windy so I was afraid to get hay fever, so I just stayed in my backyard. Excuses…excuses

Raising Kids

“What makes you a man is not the ability to make a child, it’s the courage to raise one.” — President Barack Obama

Beautiful memories…this was in October of 2018 when it was the last time that my son was able to visit Melbourne. Being nostalgic especially today, it’s Father’s Day here in Australia.

Taken in Daylesford, a pretty little town in the southeast of Melbourne. Hubby and kids.

About Trees

“From little seeds grow might trees.” – unknown

This is my second Urban Sketching class. We just have a lesson every first Friday of the month but we are looking at having another one in between just to have a bit of a catch up session, especially now that we are still in lockdown here in Melbourne … another class will keep us more motivated!

So, today’s topic is Trees. We were given some photos to interpret in our own way. Some did pen drawing and some used watercolour. Here is how I did mine.

My Day

“In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt.” – Pablo Picasso

Sketching has now become a somewhat daily (or almost daily) routine for me…. Recording a moment or an instance that is presented to me through a simple sketch.

This was the start of my day. Not a healthy one, but it satisfied my cravings.

First day of Spring

“A tree is our most intimate contact with nature.” – George Nakashima

What a lovely 23 degree day to greet the first day of Spring. But what makes it better is to have a cup of coffee from my local cafe and have a bit of sketching time in my local wetlands.